THERE WAS/WERE exercises

THERE WAS/WERE exercises

Interactive exercises with there was / there were grammar structure.

The list of THERE WAS / THERE WERE interactive exercises:
  1. affirmative sentences writing exercise
  2. negative sentences writing exercise
  3. questions writing exercise
  4. affirmative sentences multiple choice exercise
  5. negative sentences multiple choice exercise
  6. questions multiple choice exercise
  7. there was/were random exercise (multiple choice)


There was and there were is used for the past tense, for plural we use there were – when you refer to more than one person or thing and for a singular there was – when you refer to one thing or person. The verb be is usually used in the past tense with the word there .

To make a question we put was or were before there. Negative statements with there was and there were – was not / were not – short way – wasn’t / weren’t.

Was – singular / Were – plural

Sentences - e. g.
There was a party last night.
There were some problems at the party.

There wasn’t a cat.
There weren’t any cats.

Was there a cat an hour ago?
Were there any cats an hour ago?