TO BE IS/ARE/AM exercises

TO BE IS/ARE/AM exercises

Interactive exercises with to be grammar structure.

The list of VERB TO BE interactive exercises:
  1. affirmative sentences writing exercise
  2. negative sentences writing exercise
  3. questions writing exercise
  4. affirmative sentences multiple choice exercise
  5. negative sentences multiple choice exercise
  6. questions multiple choice exercise
  7. IS / ARE / AM random exercise (multiple choice)

About TO BE

The form of the verb to be is - am short way I’m, is short way e.g. she’s and are short way they’re. To be in the present we use for continuous tense and present simple. To build ‘to be present’ negative sentences can be made by adding not after the verb. The way to create questions with ‘to be’ you put the verb before the subject.

Sentences - e. g.
She is a teacher.
I am a doctor.

She isn’t a teacher.
They aren't doctors.

Is she a teacher?
Are they doctors?


I I am I am not Am I ?
He, She, It He is
She is
It is
He isn't
She isn't
It isn't
Is he ?
Is she ?
Is it ?
We, You, They We are
You are
They are
We aren't
You aren't
They aren't
Are we ?
Are you ?
Are they ?