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about englishzilla

We have created this website to help learners all around the world acquire the most important English grammar structures and words. At EnglishZILLA students can find a lot of different exercises and practise English grammar and vocabulary.

Our website consists of unlimited number of examples and it is adjusted to popular screen resolutions and devices. EnglishZILLA has been created mainly for young second language learners, but you can use it at any age.

We strongly advise to use Englishzilla with children at primary/elementary school to help them understand complex grammar notions. It is possible to use EnglishZILLA on interective boards/monitors.

how to use it?

First, choose a grammar structure/vocabulary group from the main menu or search for it using the search form. Then, you usually have to pick an exercise from the available ones. Also, you always have the instructions to the exercise so as to understand it clearly. Grammar structures are usually divided into multi-choice and writing exercises. Additionally, there are always answers to the tasks you do. You can check your work immediately after finishing it.

  • STEP 1. Choose a grammar structure
  • STEP 2. Pick an exercise
  • STEP 3. Unlimited practice!

Do you need more explanation? Check our tutorial.


a word for ...


As you already know EnglishZILLA can be used by everyone at any age. However, it is quite important to show main features of the website and teach your students how to use it. We have tested EnglishZILLA with students and we know that it helps to develop their grammar accuracy and increases students vocabulary size.


You do not need your teacher to use Englishzilla. You can use it at home and practise grammar and vocabulary whenever you want. Do not forget that Englishzilla is free of charge and it is unnecessary to register an account on a website.


It is good to monitor children's work and sometimes check their accuracy. What is more, we strongly suggest praising and encouriging your children while using Englishzilla. It is common knowledge that a bit of praising is increases motivation.

why englishzilla?

always free

you don't have to pay for anything, all our exercises are free for everyone

created by teachers

englishzilla was created completely by English teachers

no registration

it's not necessary to register to use englishzilla

but our main advantage is ...

An unlimited number of examples !!!

How is it possible? In short, our app automatically create new examples every time you ask for them or refresh a subpage with a given grammar stracture.


Example: Let's say you chosen to practise Present Simple If you visit this subpage, there will be only 10 sentences, but after refreshing the page you will have another 10. You can refresh and refresh and refresh … Englishzilla will create countless sentences for you.

Remember that:

Knowledge is power.

That's why you should keep learning

let's learn with englishzilla


Present Simple

I like bananas.

I don't like plums.

Do you like oranges?

Yes, I do. / No, I don't.

Present Continuous

I am playing basketball.

I am not playing football.

Are you playing computer games?

Yes, I am. / No, I am not.

Past Simple

I went to the cinema yesterday.

I didn't go to the park yesterday.

Did you go to school yesterday?.

Yes, I did. / No, I didn't.

Past Continuous

I was watching TV.

I wasn't reading a book.

Were you playing the guitar?

Yes, I was. / No, I wasn't.

TO BE - Is/Are/Am

I am a student.

I am not a teacher.

Are you a painer?

Yes, I am. / No, I am not.

Have/Has got

I have got two brothers.

I haven't got any sisters.

Have you got a hamster?

Yes, I have. / No, I haven't.

There is/There are

There is milk in the fridge.

There isn't a carpet in the hall.

Is there a bench in the park?

Yes, there is. / No, there isn't.

Going to

I am going to read a book.

I am not going to fly to Mexico.

Are you going to play the guitar?

Yes, I am. / No, I am not.

TO BE Was/were

I was a police officer.

I wasn't a magician.

Were you a teacher?

Yes, I was. / No, I wasn't.

Have/Has to

I have to do my homework.

I don't have to work shifts.

Do you have to mow the lawn?

Yes, I have. / No, I haven't.

There was/There were

There was a spider on the window.

There wasn't any flour in the packet.

Was there any sugar?

Yes, there was. / No, there wasn't.


I can swim.

I can't drive a car.

Can you play the guitar?

Yes, I can. / No, I can't.

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Practise words like:

cat, dog, snake, giraffe, etc.


Practise words like:

teacher, singer, nurse, lawyer, etc.

School objects

Practise words like:

pen, ruler, sharpener, rubber, etc.


Practife words like:

England, France, Spain, Germany etc.


Practife words like:

January, February, March, April etc.


Practise words like:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc.

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