THERE IS/ARE exercises

THERE IS/ARE exercises

Interactive exercises with there is / there are grammar structure.

The list of THERE IS / THERE ARE interactive exercises:
  1. affirmative sentences writing exercise
  2. negative sentences writing exercise
  3. questions writing exercise
  4. affirmative sentences multiple choice exercise
  5. negative sentences multiple choice exercise
  6. questions multiple choice exercise
  7. there is/are random exercise (multiple choice)

About THERE IS / THERE ARE tense

The choice between the phrases there is and there are at the beginning of a sentence is settled by the noun that follows it, also to presence someone or something. Use there is when the noun is singular. Use there are when the noun is plural. To form questions we place is/are in front of there.

Sentences - e. g.
There is a cat.
There are two cats.

There isn't a cat.
There aren't two cats.

Is there a cat ?
Are there two cats?